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Field Asset Services (FAS) is a billion dollar company that operates nationwide as what they like to call a home or property preservation company for the big banks and mortgage companies that have been fraudulently foreclosing on people’s homes, for example, Deutsche Bank National Trust Company (named one of the biggest SLUMLORDS in the United States) and OneWest Bank (formerly IndyMac).

The Austin, Texas - based company hires locals in your area to break into and clean out homes during post foreclosure actions.  Whether or not those actions are even legal is irrelevant to this irresponsible negligent company.  This company has been named as defendants in numerous lawsuits: named with DEUTSCHE BANK National Trust Co. in lawsuits in Michigan and California; named as a defendant for breaking and entry and theft in Florida.   FAS is owned by First Service Corporation of Canada.  Below is a picture of a sign they posted on a home in Tampa, Florida after they ransacked it and then claimed they never left it there.

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Field Asset Services is the strong arm partner of Deutsche Bank and OneWest Bank - (fomerly IndyMac) to trash out people's homes during their legal or illegal foreclosure actions.  

Furous Partners:  During World War II, Deutsche Bank incorporated other banks and provided banking facilities for the ever delightful Gestapo and loaned the funds used to build the Auschwitz death camp. So, if your neighborhood looks like the Warsaw Ghetto, you can thank Deutsche, OneWest - IndyMac and FAS, the uber experienced foreclosure and "cleanup" experts.  

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Field Asset Services, Inc. ADMITS it burglarizes people's homes as part of its usual way of doing business.


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