These are the lawsuits against FIELD ASSET SERVICES (FAS).  We are awaiting details on one other case and it will be posted here.  But this should be enough information for you to get started in your own research.

Benito SANTIAGO Sr. v. Field Asset Services, Bank of America, Countrywide Home Loans, Hillsborough Circuit Court, Tampa, Florida. CASE NO.  11-007257. June 9, 2011. Complaint for Trespass, Conversion and Negligence.  CLICK THE LINK TO VIEW MORE INFO ON THIS CASE AND SEE EXCERPTS.

Stephen ABRAMS, Plaintiff, v. Field Asset Services, Inc., Nationstar Mortgage, LLC, and B4 Property Management, LLC, Defendants. CASE No. 208CV15157. March 19, 2009. (E.D.Mich.).  United States District Court, E.D. Michigan. Complaint for Violations of Fair Debt. Collections Act, Michigan Occupational Code, Statutory Conversion, Common Law Conversion, Negligence, Constructive Eviction. CLICK THE LINK TO VIEW MORE INFO ON THIS CASE AND SEE EXCERPTS.

Ricky and Hannah ROUGHT, Plaintiffs v. Deutsche Bank National Trust Co., Field Asset Services, Inc and American Home Mortgage Servicing, Inc. CASE NO. 1:10-CV-403.  (W.D.Mich.) United States District Court, W.D. Michigan. Western Division.  May 6, 2010. Complaint filed for Trespass, Conversion, Negligence, Negligent and Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress, Invasion of Privacy, Wrongful Foreclosure, Violations of Michigan Consumer Protection and Anti-Lockout Statutes.  CLICK THE LINK TO VIEW MORE INFO ON THIS CASE AND SEE EXCERPTS.

Raymond and Carmen MIRANDA v. AMC Mortgage Services, Inc. and  Field Asset Services. CASE NO.  5:06CV0191. November 22, 2006.  W.D.Mich.). United States District Court, W.D. Michigan.  Complaint for Trespass, Negligence.  CLICK THE LINK TO VIEW MORE INFO ON THIS CASE AND SEE EXCERPTS.

Charles MILLER, Plaintiff, v. CITIMORTGAGE, INC., Nationstar Mortage and Field Asset Services, Inc., Defendants.  CASE No. 6:11-CV-1337-ORL-18-DAB. March 2, 2012.  (M.D.Fla.) United States District Court, M.D. Florida, Orlando Division.  Complaint for Violation of Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.
•  On May 26, 2011 Plaintiff discovered to his shock and horror that Field had broken into Plaintiffs property and replaced the lock on his front door. Nationstar hired Field to conduct this break in to harass and intimidate Plaintiff.


DIEUDONNE, at al. v. Option One Mortgage Corp., Field Asset Services.  (S.D.Fla.) United States District Court, S.D. Florida.  CASE No. 1:10CV21143. April 9, 2010. Complaint for Wrongful Death, Strict Liability, Negligence.  

•  At all times material, Defendants FIELD ASSET SERVICES, INC., (FAS); THE FRANCHISE COMPANY, (TFC), FIRST SERVICE CORPORATION (FIRST SERVICE) D/B/A FIRST SERVICE RESIDENTIAL, MANAGEMENT, INC., property management companies, have and/or had a contractual obligation to maintain the property and specifically the pool and owed a duty of care to individuals especially toddlers and children of preschool age to protect them from unrestricted access to the property, including ISAAC PRESTON DIEUDONNE, two years old, deceased, to comply with safety precautions.

News Story: Child's Death Mired in Nations Foreclosure Crisis
Excerpts: "The Dieudonnes' lawsuit hinges on a simple, but painful, question: Who is most liable for the boy's accident? Was it the parents who were watching him or the property owners, servicing companies and maintenance firms that were responsible for making sure the vacant house met public safety requirements?  Like millions of foreclosed properties across the country, the home where Isaac drowned has been awash in legal action over the years, making it difficult to determine who owned the property at the time of the accident.

It took months for the family's attorney, Janet Spence of Pembroke Pines, to sort through the property's muddied chain of title possessions and transfers. At one point, Spence said, the home had two separate foreclosure actions pending simultaneously."



Field Asset Services, Inc. ADMITS it burglarizes people's homes as part of its usual way of doing business.


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